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I have received numerous complaints from people living in single family homes who, whenever a smoking neighbor or their guest lights up a tobacco product in the yard, must run inside and close all the windows.

Tobacco smoke travels greater distances than smokers realize, and can cause discomfort and/or illness for their neighbors.

Developers should be aware of the need and desire of homeowners, especially considering how close newer homes are built these days, to have a smoking policy for the neighborhood.

This is not only legal, but a valuable amenity worth considering. An entire neighborhood, such as in Homeowners Associations, can have a clause that specifies no smoking in outdoor areas in their CC&Rs. Not that I condone smoking indoors - one of the deadliest practices of the past that prayerfully will soon disappear - but, non-smoking buyers with chronic health concerns or who have children or elderly family members will greatly appreciate having full use of their property and the ability to keep windows open on comfortable air days without fear of unwelcome smoke.

This may seem extreme, but a few years ago I read an article about a developer in Northern Los Angeles County that refused to sell to attorneys. He had been sued so many times he was just fed up. Turns out that is perfectly legal.

Just as it would be legal to have a neighborhood that did not allow animals (with the exception for the handicapped) in order to allow for a quieter neighborhood, smoking can also be prohibited.

Just something to think about. I know I would buy in a smoke-free neighborhood to protect my health.

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