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There are over 4000 dangerous chemicals in tobacco smoke. Most of these are found in the paper. When mixed with the tar they form a combination that is deadly to the organs of the body. Have you ever noticed the brown goo on the walls of a home that has been smoked in?  Taking a knife or rag and wiping this goo off the walls will give you some understanding of what is entering the lungs and arteries of those living within breathing range of the smoke. (Pets are affected as well.)

Research Links: Better Health Channel-Victoria, B.C., Canada
National Cancer Institute

U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The chemical exposure to non-smoking residents can cause extreme damage to health, such as lung & heart disease.

Lawsuits are now being won in courts across the country against landlords and smoking neighbors.

Danger to property of non-smoking residents by fire and smoke damage. Non-smoking residents are complaining about the damage to furniture and their clothes due to tobacco smoke odors and yellowing of fabric.

Many cases are noted in the media every week of deaths and fires caused by highly addicted smokers who continue to smoke while using oxygen. This is an explosive situation.

Some insurance companies are now providing discounts for non-smoking buildings.

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